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The Story of Motown Introduced by Stuart Grundy

9: Let's Get Serious

As Motown moved into its third decade, chairman and founder Berry Gordy began to pay more attention to the record company once again.

Lionel Richie and The

Commodores continued to dominate the output, but Diana Ross was still there and produced some of her greatest records for years with the help of Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers of Chic. Smokey Robinson , tiring of the executive life, experienced a major personal revival, and Motown looked as if it enjoyed being in the record business again.

Series research JOHN TOBLER Written and produced by STUART GRUNDY

Genome: [r1 Bd=19840317]

Introduced By: Stuart Grundy

Unknown: Berry Gordy

Unknown: Lionel Richie

Unknown: Diana Ross

Unknown: Bernard Edwards

Unknown: Smokey Robinson

Produced By: Stuart Grundy