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The Story of Motown Introduced by Stuart Grundy

4: '1 Have a Dream'

Motown countered 'acid rock' and psychedelia with more of its own brand of pop R and B; but eventually, through the influence of burgeoning writers and producers such as Norman Whitfield , stronger, more daring lyrics began to appear on record. While The

Temptations became 'street credible' with 'Cloud nine', Diana Ross and The Supremes dared to tell the story of a 'Love child'. In April 1968, Dr Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee, and Motown immediately re-released his brilliant and emotive speech 'I have a dream'. The fantasy factory paid homage to black America's moral leader.

Series research JOHN TOBLER Written and produced by STUART GRUNDY

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Introduced By: Stuart Grundy

Unknown: Norman Whitfield

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Unknown: Dr Martin Luther King

Produced By: Stuart Grundy

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The Story of Motown

Stuart Grundy introduces Part 9: Let's Get Serious

Motown moves into its third decade.

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Introduces: Stuart Grundy