2017040120200328 (BBC7)In this April fool's day special, comedian Jake Yapp delves into the archives to celebrate the history of hoaxing and presents a unique insight into the development and psychology of the art of this form of deception.

Featuring memorable and entertaining extracts along with full BBC radio programmes Jake unearths some lesser known treasures and interviews comedians Jocelyn Jee Esien and Alex Lowe about their experiences.

Chris Powell is on hand to explain the psychology behind the hoax and prankster Steve Penk reveals the joy he gets from making wind-up phone calls.

Programmes include:

* The April Fool Story
Anna Ford explores the history of All Fool's Day in this country and abroad.

* Radio Anarchists
Ned Sherrin tells the story of Coyle and Sharpe

* Mary Toft's Rabbit Tale:
A radio drama based on a true story from 1726 about a woman who convinced her doctors she was giving birth to rabbits

* Down the Line
We join DJ Gary Bellamy for an uncompromising, live phone-in show

Producer: Stephen Garner

Made for BBC Radio 4 Extra and first broadcast in April 2017

Comedian Jake Yapp celebrates April Fool's Day