Hoddinott Hall Series


01Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert20141007

This week's programmes come from BBC Hoddinott Hall in Cardiff Bay. Soprano Rosemary Joshua, with pianist Peter Lockwood, performs Purcell, Fauré and Rodrigo, alongside folksongs from Britain and America.

Purcell: Three Songs

1. Music for a While, 2. Sweeter than Roses, 3. The Blessed Virgin's Expostulation

Fauré: Five settings of Paul Verlaine

1.Clair de lune, 2.Green, 3.C'est l'extase, 4.Prison, 5.Mandoline

Rodrigo: Cuatro Madrigales Amatorios (Four Madrigals of Love)

1.Con qué la lavaré?, 2.Vos me matásteis, 3.De dónde venís, amore?, 4.De los álamos vengo, madre

Two Welsh Folksongs

1. Dacw 'nghariad, 2. Lisa Lân.

Three British Folk songs (arr. Britten)

1.The Ash Grove, 2.O Waly, Waly, 3.Come you not from Newcastle

Three 'Old American Songs' (arr. Copland)

1.At the river, 2.Long Time Ago, 3.Simple Gifts

Rosemary Joshua (soprano) and Peter Lockwood (piano).

02Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert20141008

This week's programmes come from from BBC Hoddinott Hall in Cardiff. Today, violist Lawrence Power, with pianist Simon Crawford-Phillips, performs music by Brahms, Hindemith and Russian composers.

Brahms: Minnelied Op.71, No.5

Brahms: Immer leiser wird mein Schlummer, Op.105, No.2

Brahms: Feldeinsamkeit, Op.86, No.2

Hindemith: Sonata for Viola and Piano Op.11 No.4

Russian sequence:

Kabalevsky: Improvisation

Mussorgsky: Une Larme

Shostakovich: Barrel Organ Waltz (from The Gadfly Suite)

Mussorgsky: Hopak (from Sorochintsy Fair)

Glazunov: Elegie

Prokofiev: The Young Juliet (from Scene 2 of Romeo and Juliet)

Tchaikovsky: October (No.10 from The Seasons)

Shostakovich: People's Holiday (from The Gadfly Suite)

Lawrence Power (viola), Simon Crawford-Phillips (piano).

03Radio 3 Lunchtime Concert20141009

This week's programmes come from BBC Hoddinott Hall in Cardiff. Tenor Ben Johnson, accompanied by Iain Burnside, presents a programme of Edwardian and Victorian songs.

Samuel Liddle: How Lovely are thy Dwellings

Arthur Sullivan: The Lost Chord

May Brahe: Bless This House

C.H.H. Parry: No Longer Mourn for Me

Charles Villiers Stanford: A Soft Day

Trad. Irish, arr. Herbert Hughes: The Stuttering Lovers

Elgar: Pleading; Is she not passing fair?

Amy Woodforde Finden: Kashmiri Song; When I am Dying

Liza Lehmann: Henry King; If I Built a World for You

Guy d'Hardelot: Because

Liza Lehmann: Ah, Moon of my Delight

Ben Johnson (tenor), Iain Burnside (piano).

04 LASTRadio 3 Lunchtime Concert20141010

Pianist, Llyr Williams presents a selection of bagatelles by Bartok and Daniel Jones alongside works by Beethoven and Albeniz, at BBC Hoddinott Hall in Cardiff.

Beethoven: Sonata No.25 in G major, Op.79

Britten: Night piece (Notturno)

Bartok: 14 Bagatelles, Nos. 1,2,3,4,5, 11 and 12

Daniel Jones: Bagatelles (Book 1, Nos. 2,3,4,6; Book 2, Nos. 4,6,7; Book 3, Nos. 1,2,7)

Bartok: Six Dances in Bulgarian rhythm (from Mikrokosmos,Vol.6)

Albeniz: Triana (from Iberia Book 2)

Llyr Williams (piano).