By Alan Butler

The second of two plays set in the small Irish village of Kildargon, whose inhabitants are delighted to welcome the return of one of their most famous sons.

Wilie Docharty - now custodian of the Aiden Dooley Birthplace Museum - hits upon a scheme to cash in on the craze for mineral water.

But the source of the water, St Dargon's Spring, is on land owned by Dymphna Byrne, and she expects to be paid accordingly.

It is up to Father Dolan to mediate.

Father Dolan....Bryan Murray

Mary Rafferty....Marcella Riordan

Willie Docharty....Jim Norton

Dymphna Byrne....Marion O'Dwyer

Caitlin....Katherine Igoe

Niall....Gavin O'Donoghue

Dwight Hammond....William Hope

Produced and directed by David Jackson Young