2018100320181229 (RW)

Specially commissioned sitcom by Robin Morgan.
Myra has just moved into the Cardiff care home where her beloved granddaughter Katie works. It's a move to the big city AND she gets to see her favourite grandchild every day - it’s a win win! John, Myra’s useless Baby Boomer son, is also really keen that his Mum stays in the home. There's just one problem: it’s a care home for the over 80s. And Myra is 78 - and Debbie who runs the care home is an eagle-eyed stickler for the rules.

But Myra’s got a mission - to find love for Katie and a damned good long term hotel. And no-one is getting in her way!

New sitcom written by Robin Morgan. Can Myra stay in her dream care home?