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What can the British learn from French politics and vice versa? The French journalist, Agnes Poirier, has reported from the UK for 15 years and travels regularly between London and Paris.

In the first of a new series, she suggests ideas she would like to see transferred across the channel.

For example,what could Britain learn from the French tradition of secularism? Should we take lessons from the nation which has decided to ban the burqa? Conversely, should French journalists ditch their reverence to political figures and imitate the dog-like aggression of the British press?

Producer: Leala Padmanabhan.

London-based French journalist Agnes Poirier compares politics in the UK and in France.



Part two of an ideas swap" series presented by European journalists based in London.

Politicians in Britain often extol the "Swedish model" but what can the Swedes learn from the Brits? Dan Lucas, London correspondent for "Dagens Nyheter" newspaper, bemoans the tedium in Swedish politics and wishes Westminster's adversarial politics could be exported to Stockholm.

But he also explains why Swedish-style Freedom of Information laws would have prevented the politicians' expenses scandal in the UK.

Producer: Leala Padmanabhan.

London-based Swedish journalist Dan Lucas compares politics in the UK and Sweden.".


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John F Jungclaussen, commentator for Die Zeit" magazine, explains what Britain can learn from German politics and vice versa.

In the last of an "ideas swap" series, Mr Jungclaussen argues that Britain is an increasingly authoritarian society, compared to laid-back Germany.

He also explains what the Germans could learn from the British tradition of celebrating Guy Fawkes night.

Producer: Leala Padmanabhan.

London-based journalist John F Jungclaussen compares politics in the UK and Germany.".