Honest Mistakes At Home And Abroad [Woof]


03Habits Of A Social Animal20200902In this third series, Chris Neill continues his comedic exploration of affairs of the heart, the unexpected humiliations of ageing, and what bloody good luck it is that he has met his boyfriend, Rory.

In earlier series, episodes revolved around the terrible blind date Chris was set up on, his fantasy French boyfriend inspired by a school textbook, making a fish pie for his dying neighbour, and his failure to write a novel. As ever, Chris remains entirely willing to expose himself to a late-night, possibly bed-bound, audience and this third series of Woof has more autobiographical stories of his life in love, lust and mediocrity.

In programme three: "Have you two met?” Getting out and meeting people is not something Chris (and many other people) find easy – he examines parties and the swings and roundabouts of social intercourse. And a glass bowl gets broken. Stand up comedy illustrated with sketches featuring Isy Suttie and Martin Hyder.

Written by Chris Neill
Starring: Chris Neill, Isy Suttie and Martin Hyder
Producer: Steve Doherty
A Giddy Goat production for BBC Radio 4

Bittersweet stories written and performed by Chris Neill with Martin Hyder and Isy Suttie.

Comic tales written by Chris Neill.