Genome: [r4 Bd=19700105]

The first of two plays by JULIA JONES based on novels by RHYS DAVIES starring Hywel Bennett

'He could not turn his possessive hands and eyes away from the beloved place. If it were wounded and ravaged. stabbed with girders and ulcerated with pits - then something within him, his own real life-pulse. would die, too...'

Produced by LORRAINE DAVIES I' Time to Laugh': next Monday)


Unknown: Julia Jones

Unknown: Rhys Davies

Unknown: Hywel Bennett

Produced By: Lorraine Davies

Owen: Hywel Bennett

Nest, his mother: Petra Davies

Tudor, his father: Richard Bebb

David, his brother: Frank Lincoln

Bronwen: Gaynor Morgan Rees

Mrs Vaughan: Nesta Harris

Emily: Sian Davies