The Hong Kong Holding Company


19970623A two-part documentary-style drama by Matthew Solon set in Hong Kong. Two brothers run two branches of the family business - one in London, the other in Hong Kong. When the brother in Hong Kong dies leaving huge debts, the other brother sends one of his children overto sort it out. Next week's conclusion will be broadcast from Hong Kong on the day of the handover, with real news events built into the action. with Stuart Ong , Choy Ling Man , David Y Cheung , Irene Ng , Matthew Solon, David Tse and Harry Ditson. Producer John Dryden
19970630The final part of Matthew Solon's documentary-style drama.

The Cheung family firm has run up huge debts, and a bitter struggle for money and power ensues. Recorded in Hong Kong and transmitted only a few hours before the handover. with Evila Liu , Wendy Mok , Hugh Terry , Matthew Solon, Jim Chim , Cecil Cheng and Irene Ng Producer John Dryden