Horne Of Plenty - Beyond Our Ken To Round The Horne


2004050120200404 (BBC7)The fascinating inside story behind two of BBC radio's all-time favourite comedies: 'Beyond Our Ken' and 'Round the Horne'.

Presented by a former BBC Head of Radio Light Entertainment, Jonathan James-Moore

Featuring cast members: Ron Moody and Bill Pertwee. Plus, the son of Beyond Our Ken scriptwriter Eric Merriman - Andy Merriman, Lyn Took - who was married to Barry Took, writer for both series – and the last surviving Round The Horne scriptwriter, Brian Cooke.

Extracts from Kenneth Williams diaries are read by David Benson.

Beyond Our Ken ran for 7 series, while Round The Horne ran for 4. Hear the very first and last editions of both series starring Kenneth Horne, Kenneth Williams, Hugh Paddick, Betty Marsden, Bill Pertwee, Ron Moody, Stanley Unwin and Douglas Smith.

The FIRST Beyond Our Ken - 1st July 1958:
Kenneth Horne's diary, poking fun at tax bills and Horn-o-rama.

The LAST Beyond Our Ken - 16th July 1964:
Kenneth Horne's week, Horn-o-rama and Drama of the Week

The FIRST Round the Horne - 7th March 1965:
Trends, the BBC's Backroom Boys and part one of 'The Clissold Saga'.

The LAST Round The Horne - 9th June 1968:
Nobody knew it was the last show, but a surprise was in store for Julian and Sandy

Producer: Peter Reed

Made for BBC 7 and first broadcast in May 2004.

Jonathan James-Moore's inside story of 'Beyond Our Ken' and 'Round the Horne'.