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"Many years ago, Paul Farley was stopping in the Euston Ibis and woke to find a message from a friend asking him to come over to the Savoy for drinks the night before. He wondered whether it was the first time the two hotels had ever opened up a line of communication, and ever since has been fascinated by not just hotels but also the connections between them. In 'Hotel Suite' he heads off to spend the night in three very different hotels - one a former prison, one a luxury London landmark, and one a hard-working provincial inn. Paul reflects on the times he's spent in hotels over the years, and the reasons he - like many other writers - has found them to be creative hotspots, a place at one remove from ordinary life in which inspiration can often be found. Along the way he talks to staff, customers and other writers - and explores the rich history of the hotel as a backdrop for numerous films, books and poems across all sorts of genres, from the horror of 'The Shining' and 'Psycho' to the comedy of 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' and the glamour of 'Top Hat' and 'Grand Hotel'.