The House In Gallows Lane


19971008From the book Till Death Do Us Part by John Dickson Carr , dramatised in two parts by Peter Ling.

1: The Fortune-Teller. The peaceful English countryside of 1936 is disrupted by a mysterious death. with Richard Todd , Robert Portal , Alison Pettitt. John Woodnutt , Christopher Wright ,

Rachel Atkins and Brian Parr. Director Enyd Williams * Radio new season: page 21

19971015The conclusion of Peter Ling 's two-part dramatisation, adapted from

John Dickson Carr 's book Till Death

Do Us Part. The Point of a Pin

An imposter has been unveiled - and discovered dead in a locked room. with Michael Cochrane. Alison Pettitt , Rachel Atkins. Christopher Wright and Brian Parr Director Enyd Williams