How Not To Be A Boy (omnibus)


2017090320201129 (BBC7)From comedy's award winning Robert Webb, the omnibus of his funny and moving memoir which looks back on his bittersweet childhood in Lincolnshire, and also has wise words on masculinity's pitfalls.

Best known for his work with David Mitchell in Radio 4's Sony award winning series That Mitchell and Webb Sound and TV's Peep Show, Robert Webb has written a memoir that is both laugh out loud funny and powerfully moving and tender. An uneasy early childhood growing up in Lincolnshire, is followed by schoolboy crushes on girls and boys, to discovering a talent for making people laugh, to grief, and to becoming a husband and father. As his life story unfolds, Robert questions the expectations thrust on boys and men and reflects on how these have shaped the man he is today.

Written and read by Robert Webb
Abridged by Richard Hamilton
Produced by Elizabeth Allard

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in September 2017.

Robert Webb's funny and moving memoir also explores masculinity's pitfalls.