How Now Tv [Drama]



By Paul Watson.

Television presenter Daniela Cross, a legend in her own lunchtime, must have started her career somewhere. Pearly teeth and a saccharine nature are not enough to climb the industry's greasy pole. A helping hand from friends in high places will help, as will a seductive smile. But it's acceptable gimmicks that are most needed in delivering an audience, and it is the acceptable that is fast running out in today's TV.

So acceptable must give way to the difficult, the new, the so-called radical and more often the once unacceptable. A programme idea that can be justified by bums sat on seats and by revenue produced. And that was Daniela's gift to telly, an idea so awful but so justifiable that she was bound to succeed.

Daniela....Victoria Shalet

Daddy (John Cross)....Nicholas Farrell

Deborah....Frances Barber

Averill....Lizzy McInnerny

Gary....Leo Bill

Hassan....Joseph Marcell

Samuel....Jonathan Firth

Crispin....Mathew Baynton

Permindah....Manjinder Virk

Picture Editor....Keith Drinkel

Young Director....Tom Watson

Directed by Paul Watson.

By Paul Watson. How did TV presenter Daniela Cross' career start?