By Louise Wallwein with Julie Hesmondhalgh and music by Jaydev Mistry.

Manchester poet Louise Wallwein works with young people, particularly disadvantaged teenagers and care leavers.
In Glue, Louise tells her own true story, beginning with a reunion with her birth mother, three decades after being adopted. After the failure of that placement, , at the age of 9 Louise was taken in care where she stayed until she was old enough to leave.In Glue she examines the meaning of bloodlines and family and the quest she set out on hoping to find answers through meeting her birth mother..
The play opens in 1999, ' my life was moving in the right direction - a career, a new home and a new girlfriend. We share a very private first reunion with her mother, exposing fierce independence and emotional vulnerability.
Glue includes poems set to music and a sound track composed and played by musician Jaydev Mistry , including the text from her adoption file. ' Born, transferred, placed, discharged returned...'

Directed in Salford by Susan Roberts.