Hunger Again [Dermot Bolger]


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The aftermath of an explosion at a British nuclear plant creates a lawless Ireland with the spectre of famine.

Against this backdrop, Helen Curtayne is searching for her young daughter Millie across a dangerous and altered country.

Stars Cathy Belton as Helen, Hannah R Gordon as Millie, Owen Roe as Thomas, Vincent Higgins as the Corporal, Susannah Doyle as Susan, Sean Campion as Stephen, Tina Kellegher as Theresa, Gerry O'Brien as Miko, John Hewitt as the Old Traveller and Sarah and Martha Gordon as the children.

Directed at BBC Belfast by Gemma McMullan.

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 2005.

The aftermath of a nuclear explosion creates a lawless Ireland.

Helen Curtayne …. Cathy Belton
Thomas …. Owen Roe
Millie …. Hannah Gordon
Susan …. Susannah Doyle
Stephen …. Sean Campion
Theresa …. Tina Kellegher
Miko …. Gerry O'Brien
Old Traveller …. John Hewitt
Solider …. Vincent Higgins
Child …. Sarah Gordon
Child …. Martha Gordon

Written by Dermot Bolger

Aftermath of a nuclear explosion creates a lawless Ireland as Helen searches for Millie.