The Husky Betty Marsden

A tribute to Betty Marsden, one of the great British Radio Comedy stars. With Betty Marsden's death in 1988, British comedy and drama lost one of its finest exponents. Her career in radio, television, film and theatre was almost entirely continuous. From her first professional theatre performances in the 1930s to her death in 1998 there was rarely a time when she wasn't performing somewhere in front of a microphone, camera or audience. Chris Neill presents a personal tribute to this remarkable woman, and with the help of Bill Pertwee and Betty's children tells a touching story of the woman, her life and her work. Betty was an extremely versatile actress who as well as playing serious roles found that she had the gift to make people laugh. Betty was probably best known as part of the team of 'Beyond our Ken' and 'Round the Horne' where she played wonderful larger-than-life characters such as Daphne Whitethigh and Dame Celia Molestrangler. The programme features some wonderful archive material which covers the spectrum of Betty's work and interviews which give a touching personal portrait of her.



Round the Horne star Betty Marsden died over 5 years ago. Chris Neill presents a personal tribute to her with a look at her life and work.