AP20100624By Paul Mendelson.

When Sandy Morrison, a celebrated Scottish head-teacher, media pundit, and turner-around of a failing school has a minor stroke, his voice changes completely.

Due to a disorder called Foreign Accent Syndrome, he is left sounding like an Englishman.

Suddenly Sandy's life and career are in freefall.

He hardly dares open his mouth.

How does this once outspoken man claw his way back to who he was? In desperation he turns to a speech therapist - ex-pupil, Kirstie Newton.

This is the story of a charismatic but seriously troubled man, who is only now discovering the truth about himself - and the state of his relationships with his long-suffering wife, son, and the hundreds of kids he has taught.

Ah yes - the kids.

Pushed and bullied towards an escape from impoverishment - whatever the cost.

Ironically Kirstie was one of these kids.

His 'speechie'.

The one person he believes can restore his old familiar voice.

Because she can remember exactly how 'Mr.

Morrison sir' used to sound.

Paul Mendelson's plays for Radio 4 include: I Can't Be Ill, I'm A Hypochondriac; A Meeting In Seville; and Fireworks At The Villa Lucia.

His television credits include the series: May To December; My Hero; and the drama, Losing It.


Sandy Morrison - Alexander Morton

Kirstie Newton - Cathleen McCarron

Laura Morrison - Siobhan Redmond

Gourlay/Father/Specialist - Sean Scanlan

Struan - Richard Madden


Gemmell/Aileen McCormick - Carolyn Bonnyman

Directed by David Ian Neville.

After a stroke a proud Scotsman starts speaking with an English accent.