I Am Kanye West [Drama]


DRAMA20191021By Darragh Mortell

Toby believes that he is Kanye West, but he's just a regular guy from Newport whose world is falling apart. Dr Newman is trying to help him see the truth, so that he can get his life back on track... isn't she?

This is Darragh Mortell's first play for Radio 4 - a whip-smart comedy drama about delusion, paranoia, CIA conspiracy and what it feels like to be the little guy in an age of celebrity.

Toby Daniels - Sule Rimi
Dr Newman - Tracy Wiles
Sadie - Georgia Henshaw
Olivia Daniels - Zoe Davies
Sgt Williams - Paul Hickey
Constable Jones - Gareth Pierce

Cuts and Scratches by DJ Jaffa

Directed by John Norton
A BBC Cymru Wales Production

By Darragh Mortell. Toby believes he's Kanye West, but maybe he's just a guy from Newport.

Drama from BBC Radio 4