0420090115 BT=0030 (BBC7). Neville resolves to take a more rigorous approach to his search for the plague's origins.
0520090116 BT=0030 (BBC7). Buoyed by his success in isolating the germ, Neville believes he must be close to a cure.
0620090117 BT=0030 (BBC7). Crushed by the death of the dog, Neville decides to look for answers in the past.
0720090120 BT=0030 (BBC7). The discovery of another living human leaves Neville shocked and deeply suspicious.
0820090121 BT=0030 (BBC7). Neville harbours doubts that Ruth is free from the plague.
09 LAST20090122 BT=0030 (BBC7). Even though the new society is preparing to attack him, Neville refuses to leave his house