I Should Be So Lucky

Martin Plimmer looks at the nature of luck.


01Brute Luck2003122320040524

Polly Miller doesn't think she was remotely lucky to have survived the Bali nightclub bombing 18 months ago, She suffered severe burns to most of her body, but her husband of just five weeks, and several of her friends were killed.

In the first of a new five part series about luck, Polly suggests the people who died were the lucky ones.

She has had to live with the terrible physical and emotional consequences of the bomb blast.

""If I'd had the strength to kill myself as I lay in hospital, I would have done it,"" she says.

Only now is she able to start thinking about the future, and look forward to a time when she might again be able to think of herself as a lucky person.

Also in the programme, retired telephone line repairman, Kenny MacDonald talks about the kind of luck which got him struck not once, but four times by lightning.

02Option Luck2003123020040525

Psychologists, philosophers and mathematicians deconstruct luck's mystery, providing a commentary to incredible stories of the spectacularly lucky and luckless.

Luck is important to people who gamble, whether it's with money - or their lives.

Derek Sharp's luck ran out when his jet aeroplane and a Mallard duck collided head on.

03The Nature Of Luck2004010620040526

Do we possess the psycho-kinetic power to influence the roll of a die? How does a lucky charm help a mountain climber as she dangles by her fingertips from a precipice?


Expert Richard Wiseman puts Martin through a series of psychological tests.

05 LASTYou Can Change Your Luck2004012020040528

Last of five programmes in which Unlucky people, and even unlucky businesses, have learned how to turn around their fortunes.