I Was A Stranger

By Peter Spafford The remarkable and poignant story of an Ethiopian prince who died in November 1879 of pneumonia in Leeds.

Prince Alamayou of Abyssinia had apparently fallen aSLEEP in an outside WC in the middle of a cold night.

His body was transported to St George's Chapel, Windsor, in a glass-faced coffin.

A plaque, erected by Queen Victoria, reads 'I was a stranger and ye took me in'.

Alamayou....Chiwetel Ejiofor Boy Alamayou....Ife Okpor Captain Speedy....Robert Pickavance Mrs Speedy....Helen Longworth Lakiyaye/Queen Victoria....Claire Benedict Mr Ransome/Tewodros....Patrice Naiambana Jex-Blake....David Fleeshman Harriet....Rosie Fleeshman Directed by Pauline Harris.