Ian Rankin's Beggar's Banquet


Facing The Music, Part 1

Facing The Music, Part 2

Herbert In Motion, Part 1

Herbert In Motion, Part 2

01Facing The Music, Part 120090921 BT=2045 (BBC7)
20090922 BT=0145 (BBC7)

Rebus discovers a bigger story behind a valuable theft from an Edinburgh hi-fi shop.

02Facing The Music, Part 220090922 BT=2045 (BBC7)
20090923 BT=0145 (BBC7)

Probing a Edinburgh shop theft, Inspector Rebus learns the hi-fi dealer has a steel door.

03Herbert In Motion, Part 120090923 BT=2045 (BBC7)
20090924 BT=0145 (BBC7)

A top gallery curator prepares for death rather than face discovery and disgrace.

04Herbert In Motion, Part 220090924 BT=2045 (BBC7)
20090925 BT=0145 (BBC7)

Scared of fraud exposure, an art gallery curator disguises the condemned look in his eyes.

05The Hanged Man

05 LASTThe Hanged Man20090925 BT=2045 (BBC7)
20090926 BT=0145 (BBC7)

The evil workings of a serial killer's mind are exposed when a fair arrives in Kirkcaldy.