Ice Factory, The [Drama On 3]


20031102By Steve Chambers.

'Just when you think you're running things, that everything's in the right place and you're in control...

that's when things start to fall apart...' Roy Delamere is the Tony Soprano of the North East.

He's a powerful, charismatic criminal who controls the Newcastle underworld.

On his 50th birthday he's opening his own art gallery, The Ice Factory.

He should be celebrating but for the first time in his adult life, he's weak.

Somebody is trying to unnerve Roy and it's working.

Fragments of memory collide with every day actions as Roy is forced to face his enemies from outside and within.

Roy Delamere....Deka Walmsley Jarrrett/Doctor....Rod Arthur Fat Robb/Peter/Doorman....John Carter Kay....Fiona Clarke Monica....Charlie Hardwick Jonnie/Woman....Phillippa Wilson Syd Delamere....Ian Hogg Child....Chelsea Halfpenny Directed by Pauline Harris.