Ideal Husband, An [Drama On 3]


20101127 (BBC7)
20101128 (BBC7)
The unprincipled Mrs Cheveley threatens to reveal Sir Robert Chiltern's secret past unless he agrees to give his support in Parliament to a questionable Argentinian venture.

Faced with ruin in the eyes of the country and his wife, he seems to have no alternative.

Wildean wit and the elegance of English society is woven into this classic drama.

The Earl of Caversham....Geoffrey Palmer

Viscount Goring....Jasper Britton

Sir Robert Chiltern....Alex Jennings

Lady Chiltern....Emma Fielding

Lady Markby....Sara Kestelman

Miss Mabel Chiltern....Joanna Page

Mrs Cheveley....Janet McTeer

Vicomte De Nanjac....Oliver de Sueur

Mrs Marchmont....Patience Tomlinson

Countess of Basildon....Lucy Whybrow

Mr Montford/James....John Cummins

Phipps....Hugh Dickson

Mason....Derek Beard

Directed by David Timson.

By Oscar Wilde.

Mrs Cheveley threatens to reveal Sir Robert Chiltern's secret past.

An unprincipled lady blackmails a politician with a secret from his past.

Stars Geoffrey Palmer, Joanna Page and Alex Jennings.