If Only [serial]

Five stories of love, marriage and family by Irish women writers, to mark the passionately contested introduction of divorce to Eire.


01Taxi Men Are Invisible19990705

by Maeve Binchy, dramatised by Alun Richards.

Listening to passengers in the back of his cab, Eddie finds the divorce debate enacted in real lives.

02The Facts Of Life19990706

by Katy Hayes, read by Diane O'kelly.

Dierdre is eleven, too young to be told the facts of life by her 13-year-old friends.

So she goes to a dance to find out for herself.

03Lucy's Story19990707

by Mary Maher, read by Sinead Cusack and Brett O'brien.

Lucy is totally useless as a helper in the women's centre.

She is giggly, shallow, forgetful and in awe of her husband.

Yet her pretty surface hides a secret.

04Ellie's Ring19990708

by Sheila Barrett.

There is a new craze at school - eloping to Oklahoma to get married.

At sixteen, Jane-Anne is going to do this on Saturday.

05 LASTSon, Moon And Stars19990709

by Jennifer Johnston, dramatised by Ruth Symes.

Kate's ailing grandmother cannot keep a secret, so the child discovers that she is no longer the only love in her father's life.