Images Of James K. Baxter

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19900702Producer: J. THEOCHARIS|Description|SBH:IMAGES OF JAMES K. BAXTER: Feature on the New Zealand poet James K. Baxter. Compiled by Joe Barker. Taking Part: Peter Porter, Fleur Adcock, Peter Bland, Frank McKay, Ian Gordon, Terence Baxter and Eleanor Baxter. Poems read by James K. Baxter and Peter Bland. Produced by John Theocharis.|NTS:The various speakers are not specified during the course of the programme. OTN:SLN022/89DC6549 TXN/TDT:R3 02-Jul-1990 ANT:Op & Cl|Broadcast history|02 Jul 1990 21:00-21:45 (RADIO 3)|03 Apr 1992 21:00-21:40 (RADIO 3)|Contributors|James Baxter (Author)|Joe Barker (int)|John Theocharis (Producer)|Peter Bland (rdr)|Peter Porter (Speaker)|Fleur Adcock (Speaker)|Ian Gordon (Speaker)|Frank Mckay (Speaker)|Terence Baxter (Speaker)|Eleanor Baxter (Speaker)|Notes: CAIRS 504569.