By Paul Magrs.

A fantastical tale of teenage love and close encounters.

17 year-old David Taylor begins to see the world in a different light when he meets Lawrence. Lawrence is new in town, new to earth actually - he claims to be from Verbatim 6, a small planet about three hundred light years away. A strange but very real story of a burgeoning teenage relationship, with all the fear and confusion that goes with it.

Paul Magrs is a scriptwriter and novelist, whose writing has been described by The Guardian as 'gloriously, zanily ludicrous... unique, idiosyncratic and unclassifiable...' His hugely-popular series of Brenda and Effie novels were adapted for BBC7 in 2008 as a three-part mini-series (Never the Bride), whilst previous commissions for Radio 4 include Life After Mars, Sunseeker and The Longsight Branch.

Directed by Scott Handcock

A BBC Cymru Wales Production.