Anna's looking for comedy material, George wants love. Can there be a happy ending?

Anna's looking for comedy material, George is looking for love. When two people inhabit completely different emotional worlds, can there ever be a happy ending? Harry McEntire and Niamh McGowan feature in this romantic comedy by Lucy Montague Moffatt.

Aspiring comedian Anna, has moved to Manchester from Ireland to try to make it on the stand-up scene. She joins a dating app, looking for excitement and material for her shows.

Mancunian undertaker George is looking for love. When he meets Anna for a first date, he is immediately smitten. She finds him endearing, but endearing like a puppy. To help him out, she offers to spruce up his dating profile. He offers to do the same for her. How can you say no to a puppy?

George's brother Will tries to persuade George to give up now. Anna's friend Tash thinks Anna is wasting her time on someone so obviously unsuitable. Romance, cynicism and undeniable attraction make for a powerful mix. Will they, or won't they ever get together? Perhaps with a little help from Cher...

In His Kiss marks a debut on Radio 4 for writer Lucy Montague Moffatt and director Julia Ford.

Writer: Lucy Montague Moffatt
Sound Designer: Eloise Whitmore
Piano arrangements and performance: Sarah Spencer

Director: Julia Ford
Producer: Melanie Harris
Executive Producer: Jo Meek
A Sparklab production for BBC Radio 4.