In Search Of The Severn Serpent [Drama]


20210211New drama for BBC Radio 4.

Drama from BBC Radio 4

20210211New drama by Annamaria Murphy.

Dr Jelena Petrovic heads to Weston-super-Mare to investigate recent sightings of a Sea Serpent in the Severn. Why would people believe they have seen a plesiosaur when the most recent bones are 60 million years old? Or is there really something in the water? Starring Anamaria Marinca.

Dr Jelena Petrovic - Anamaria Marinca
Denny - Stuart McLoughlin
Wanda - Abra Thompson
Sylvia - Heather Craney
David the Swimmer - John Cording
Beach Comber - Ashleigh Haddad
Evan Davis as Evan Davis

Based on an original idea by The Guerrilla Media Unit at Weston Artspace .
Image from the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

Directed by John Norton
A BBC Cymru Wales Production

Dr Jelena Petrovic investigates recent sightings of a Sea Serpent in the Severn. Drama.

Drama from BBC Radio 4