In The Absence Of Geoff [Drama On 3]


20090104 (BBC7)
20140818 (BBC7)
20140817 (BBC7)
A gym equipment salesman watches his life unravel - is it time to start again?

A comedy about love, loss and identity from award-winning writer Charlotte Jones.

Geoff is in his forties and facing ruin: his small business is about to collapse, his marriage is failing and his child hates him. He pretends to suffer from amnesia, becoming a media hero and bringing in money. But his daughter become suspicious and his cover finally cracks.

Geoff....Adam Godley

Dawn....Amanda Lawrence

Lauren....Lizzy Watts

Stacey....Grainne Dromgoole

Instructor....Jonathan Tafler

WPC....Donnla Hughes

Journalist....Dan Starkey

Doctor....Gunnar Cauthery

Clifford....Malcolm Tierney

Directed by Claire Grove.