In The Footsteps Of [Radio Scotland]

Well known Scots go in search of their Scottish heroes.


Conan Doyle2009051820090523

Scottish crime writer Val McDermid goes in the footsteps of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes, and examines his time in Edinburgh.

Robert Adam20090214


  • general register house (1774) is one of oldest archive buildings in the world that is still being used for its original purpose.

    robert adam's masterpiece has been refurbished to create a magnificent location for the new family history facilities of the scotlandspeople centre.

    the works included restoration of the fine plasterwork of the dome at the heart of adam's building.

    the centre was formally opened by the queen on 4 july, and public service will begin on 25 august 2008.

    this will allow easy searching of the main records from the general register office for scotland, and the wills held by the national archives of scotland.

    access to the wide range of historical records held by nas continues as usual in the historical search room in register house.


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  • the architectural website scran, with a link to the robert adam material, which includes photos galore, drawings, and models as well as tons of info on adam and his work.

    this site brings together a growing body of digitised information about adam, including photographs, scans of original drawings and computer reconstructions.

    it includes essays that follow themes in adam's work, as well as a growing number of studies of individual buildings.

    the studies are of buildings that were designed and built during adam's lifetime, buildings that were constructed but which were in the process or subsequently modified, buildings that are now destroyed or in ruins, and designs for buildings that only ever existed on paper.

    many of the unbuilt and destroyed designs by adam are largely unknown, but they are none-the-less great works of architecture which computer visualisation techniques allow us now to appreciate more fully.

    architect robert adam follows in the footsteps of his remarkable 18th century namesake

  • 0101Mary Garden2007100220071003

    Well known Scots go in search of their Scottish heroes.

    Aberdonian opera singer Lisa Milne visits some of the places associated with Aberdonian opera singer Mary Garden, the first doyen of Opera Houses across America and Europe in the first part of the 20th century.


    Robbie the Pict, doughty fighter for a toll free Skye Bridge, goes in search of the Caledonian Warrior, the first inhabitant of this land to make it into the history books and the archetypal Scottish hero.

    0103Eric Liddell2007101620071017

    Gold Medal sprinter Allan Wells was inspired by an earlier Scottish Gold Medallist and subject of Chariots of Fire, Eric Liddell.

    He looks at Eric's running technique and subjects it to his own analysis.

    0104Eduardo Paolozzi2007102320071024

    Richard Demarco, artist and promoter of the visual and performing arts, explores the life and work of Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, CBE.

    The Scottish sculptor and artist was famous as the 'Reluctant' Father of Pop Art, and inspires Demarco to reflect on their shared 'Scots-Italian' heritage.

    0105Billy Mackenzie2007103020071031

    Musician Davey Scott analyses the extraordinary voice of Billy Mackenzie, the maverick front man of eighties Dundee legends The Associates.

    0106D C Thompson2007110620071107

    Journalist Roddy Forsyth goes back to Dundee in the footsteps of David Coupar Thomson, owner of the first newspaper he ever worked on.

    0107James Young Simpson2007111320071114

    Ian Wilmut explores the life of physician and obstetrician James Young Simpson.

    He examines the furore Simpson ignited for using chloroform to ease the pains of labour, and compares that to the controversy his team caused by creating Dolly the Sheep.

    0108Lord Reith2007112020071121

    In the wake of the recent troubles to hit the UK's leading broadcast networks, Jeremy Isaacs, the first Chief Executive of Channel 4, examines the contested legacy of the BBC's founder Lord Reith.

    0109Andrew Carnegie2007112720071128

    Well-known Scots go in search of their Scottish heroes.

    Entrepreneur and philanthropist Sir Tom Hunter goes in search of the first and perhaps the greatest of all philanthropists Andrew Carnegie

    0110Robert Louis Stevenson2007120420071205

    Award-winning author of The Cutting Room Louise Welsh explores the life and work of Robert Louis Stevenson, the celebrated Scottish essayist, poet and author.

    0111Alistair Maclean2007121120071212

    Well-known Scots go in search of their Scottish heroes.

    Thriller writer Philip Kerr follows in the footsteps of Alistair MacLean, the man who inspired him to become a writer, but discovers that although one of the most successful authors of his day, MacLean struggled throughout his life with the fame and money his literary success brought him.

    0112Molly Weir2007121820071219

    Actress Una McLean charts the rise of Molly Weir, famed for her role as Scottish ghost, Hazel McWitch in Rentaghost.

    A gifted writer and actress, she rose from the crowded tenements of Springburn to become one of the best known faces of Scottish entertainment.

    0113 LASTJohn Grierson20071231

    Writer, film-maker and designer Murray Grigor explores the life and work of John Grierson CBE, the pioneering Scottish film-maker, famous as the father of documentary.

    0201Muriel Spark *2009011220090118

    Hannah Gordon goes in the footsteps of Muriel Spark, author of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, and discovers parallels with her own upbringing at a girls' school in Edinburgh.

    0202Joan Eardley *20090119

    Ricky Ross follows in the footsteps of painter Joan Eardley, in an an evocative journey from Glasgow School of Art to the windswept bay of Catterline in northeast Scotland.

    0203R D Laing *20090126

    Alison Miller follows in the footsteps of RD Laing, the Scottish psychiatrist who studied mental illness and wrote The Divided Self.

    0204Hugh Munro20090202

    Writer and broadcaster Muriel Grey goes in the footsteps of Sir Hugh Munro, the man who first charted our highest peaks and who remains an icon to Scotland's mountaineers.

    0204Muriel Grey20090208

    Writer and broadcaster Muriel Grey goes in the footsteps of Sir Hugh Munro, the man who first charted our highest peaks and who remains an icon to Scotland's mountaineers.

    Writer and broadcaster Muriel Grey goes in the footsteps of Sir Hugh Munro.

    0205J M Barrie2009020920090215

    Actress Siobhan Redmond visits Kirriemuir, birthplace of playwright and novelist JM Barrie, to discover how his time there influenced his writing.

    0206 LASTJohn Logie Baird2009021620090222

    John Beattie goes in the footsteps of John Logie Baird, the Scotsman who gave the world television, to discover the secret life behind the public image.