In The Name Of Security

Three drama-documentaries examining major cases of US espionage generated by the Cold War.


01The Trials Of Alger Hiss (1948-50)19980225

Was Hiss a spy? What was Richard Nixon's role in the case? Has the recent release of secret papers resolved or deepened this great mystery? With David Hyde Pierce, Francis Guynan and Richard Hoyt Miller.

Directors Martin Jenkins and John Theocharis

02The Trial Of Julius And Ethel Rosenberg (1951)19980304

Did anti-Communist hysteria send the Rosenbergs to the electric chair? Were they guilty of spying for the RUSSIAns? With John Rubenstein and Erika Schicker.

03 LASTThe Trial Of J Robert Oppenheimer (1954)19980311

Could the `father of the atom bomb' - one of America's greatest scientists - have been a Soviet agent? Did he deliberately slow down development of the H-bomb? With John De Lancie and Alan Wilder.

Directors Martin Jenkins and John Theocharis