Inside The Comedian

Being a comedian is the hardest thing anyone can do. As such, those who achieve even a modicum of success in this selfless, humanitarian, dangerous career are rightly held up as the best of us. True heroes. In this series David Reed will interview some of comedy's most available exponents and ask them "Who are you under all that skin?", "When did comedy first bite you?" and "What's the microphone for?" as he delves deeper than anyone has ever delved inside the comedian.


0101Miles Jupp20170524
0102Michael Legge20170601
0103Justin Edwards20170608
0104Margaret Cabourn-smith20170615
0105Tom Bell20170622
0106Cariad Lloyd20170629
0107 LASTMarcus Brigstocke20170706
0201John Finnemore20181125
0202Deborah Frances-white20181202
0203Adam Riches20181209
0204Dan Tetsell20181216
0205Josie Lawrence20181223
0206Tom Parry20181230
0207 LASTKevin Eldon20190106
0301Bridget Christie20190224
0302Doc Brown20190303
0303Bec Hill20190310
0304Thom Tuck20190317
0305Ruth Bratt20190324
0306Max And Ivan20190331
0307 LASTMarek Larwood20190407
0401Rufus Hound20190519
0402Humphrey Ker20190527
0403Sarah Kendall20190602
0404Richard Vranch20190609
0405Greg Mchugh20190616
0406Dara O Briain20190623
0407Rachel Parris20190701
0408John-luke Roberts20190707
0409Richard Herring20190714
0410 LASTLucy Porter20190721