Inspecting Detectives [Radio Scotland]


2015110320190103 (RS)

In a biography programme with a difference, two former police detectives give crime writer Denise Mina a grilling to get to the truth of who she is and what makes her tick.

Tom Wood and Peter Ritchie both have decades of experience in the police and they know how to get the truth out of a suspect. They'll be quizzing Denise on her life, her writing, and her portrayal of police work.

That's a subject they both know inside out and they won't let Denise get away with evasions. They - and we - will get the chance to spot the inconsistencies, the white lies and the downright whoppers.

And at the same time, we'll get an insight into what really goes on in those windowless police interview rooms we're so familiar with from fiction.

From switching on the tape machine and announcing who's present for the record, the scene, so familiar from crime fiction, is set.
Our detectives have heard it all and seen it all - and nothing escapes their attention.

Crime writer Denise Mina is given a grilling by two detectives.

A season of programmes looking at different aspects of detection.