An Inspector Calls

Jenny Cuffe takes to the streets with teams of investigators


0101Racial Harassment19980601

Jenny Cuffe reports on the work of a unique police unit in Hertfordshire which is dedicated to the fight against racial harassment and abuse.

0102 LASTTeenage Truants19980608

Jenny Cuffe takes to the streets of Leeds with an education welfare officer on the trail of the city's teenage truants.

0201Sifting Through The Ashes19990419

Can fire inspectors find vital clues from the ashes of one fire in order to help prevent others?


Jenny Cuffe joins inspectors from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency whose job is to ensure safety at sea.

0203 LASTThe Disease Detectives19990503

Jenny Cuffe meets public health doctors in the front line of the battle against the resurgent menace of TB in Britain.

0301Fraud Busters2000061920010221

Following the Government's renewed promise to crack down on welfare cheats, she joins a team from the Benefits Agency.

0302Crisis At Midnight2000062620010228

The work of MANCHESTER's out-of-hours emergency social work team as they struggle with the nightly demands of the city's vulnerable and needy.

0303 LASTFinal Demand2000070320010307

This week she joins court recovery officers in Leeds on the trail of people who have defaulted on fines.