Interrogation - Series 7, The [Drama]



Today Detective team D.I. Matthews and D.S. Armitage have to interview Nadine, who Sean has known since childhood and what's more, she's a police officer, so it's uncomfortable for everyone.

Max ..... Kenneth Cranham
Sean ..... Alex Lanipekun
Nadine ..... Bianca Stephens

Writer ..... Roy Williams
Music ..... David Pickvance
Director ..... Mary Peate
Producer ..... Jessica Dromgoole

Detective team Max and Sean interview another suspect in Roy Williams' crime drama.

Radio 4 drama


New series of Roy Williams' much-loved crime drama in which suspects are subjected to a grilling from DI Max Matthews and DS Sean Armitage. Dan's wife Becky is in hospital after a suicide attempt and Dan can't understand what's wrong with his lovely wife.

Max.... Kenneth Cranham
Sean.... Alex Lanipekun
Dan.... Navin Chowdhry

Writer.... Roy Williams
Music.... David Pickvance
Director.... Mary Peate
Producer.... Jessica Dromgoole

There are five new dramas in this seventh series of The Interrogation by Roy Williams which has become a popular fixture on Radio 4.

Roy Williams' crime drama with Kenneth Cranham and Alex Lanipekun as the detective duo.

Radio 4 drama