This second `Intersections' programme presents modern music performed on early instruments, interwoven with the spoken word.

The Renaissance-music ensemble Virelai perform their version of Stockhausen's `Tierkreis' (zodiac) with readings of predictions by 16th-century astrologer John Gadbury.

Virelai also end the programme with a first performance of Malcolm Bruno's `Backlight', based on aphorisms of the poet Paul Celan.

In between, the Rose Consort of Viols with soprano Joanne Andrews perform `Three Settings of Celan' by Harrison Birtwistle, arranged for viol consort by Bruno.

Narrated by Michael Pennington, introduced by Jessica Gordon.

Messe De Nostre Dame19970803

Composer John Woolrich introduces a programme in which early and contemporary composers meet.

The Taverner Consort and organist Wayne Marshall perform a liturgical sequence interweaving Machaut's `Messe de Nostre Dame' with Messiaen's `Messe de la pentecote' for organ and three devotional songs by Hildegard of Bingen.