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02/10/2010 Pastor Terry Jones

03/12/2010 Peter Thiel
04/02/2011 Henry And Patrick Cockburn



Interesting, prominent people interviewed at length by the BBC.

06/11/2010 Barry Marshall
07/01/2011 Sir Michael Caine
10/12/2010 Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

11/02/2011 Wilbert Rideau

11/03/2011 Charlie Wilson

12/11/2010 Vidal Sassoon
17/12/2010 Jeff Sarwer

18/02/2011 Shai Agassi


18/03/2011 Art Spiegelman

18/09/2010 General Sir Richard Dannatt2010091820100919
20100920 (WS)

General Sir Richard Dannatt was in charge of the British army for three years from 2006 to 2009 -- when his soldiers faced particularly fierce fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. He went public with criticisms of the then government's policy. So how does he reflect on working for political masters and Britain's military choices?

The British army chief who talked politics -- General Sir Richard Dannatt.

19/11/2010 Gurbaksh Chahal
21/01/2011 William Bratton
23/10/2010 Michelle Bachelet

24/12/2010 Best Of 2010 With Owen Bennett Jones

25/02/2011 Gerry Conlon

25/03/2011 Nando Parrado


26/11/2010 Garry Trudeau
30/10/2010 Cliff Bleszinski
31/12/2010 Best Of The Interview 2010 With Carrie Gracie
Diana Athill

The Interview With Geraint Anderson20090328

Interesting, prominent people interviewed at length by the BBC.

Geraint Anderson worked for twelve years as an analyst in London's financial district, the City.

  • he earned several million pounds before leaving his job a year ago.

    he's now written a book -- described as fictional but which he says is mostly true -- which reveals a world of wining, dining, drugs and illicit sex

  • on the interview he tells Owen Bennett-jones how the city works

  • The Interview With Geraint Anderson20090329
    The Interview With John Podesta20091011

    Ultimate Washington insider, John Podesta, gives his take on President Obama's progress

    The Interview: Jake Adelstein
    The Interview: Paula Rego

    The Interview: Peter Carey20101016

    The Interview: Peter Carey20101017
    The Interview: Peter Carey20101018
    Ursula Le Guin
    0111/09/2010 Paola Antonelli

    02 LAST11/09/2010 Paola Antonelli
    0311/09/2010 Paola Antonelli