Interview With Colin Powell [World Service]


Interview with Colin Powell20180425Outside his stellar military and political career, education for the disadvantaged has been Powell's life's mission. His activities in this area focus principally on founding the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership at City College New York. Here nearly 3000 students, most of them first generation scholars, the sons and daughters of immigrants, enjoy a university education predicated on not just academic achievement but experience in the working world – Wall Street, Washington, corporate life and not-for-profits. Powell uses all his influence to network these young people and the school is adamant that it will educate students regardless of the ‘documented’ or ‘undocumented’ status.

In this programme, Powell tells his own story: a child of poor immigrants – who himself graduated from City College in the 1950s, and who rose to the very highest levels of the US military and the government. We meet many of the students of the Colin Powell School and hear their stories; many have faced hardship, family tragedy and discrimination. For them the Colin Powell School has opened doors and offered hope for a brighter future.

Image: Colin Powell, Credit: Getty Images

The former US Secretary of State visits the New York university that bears his name

Colin Powell visits the inspirational New York university that bears his name.