An Intimate History Of Conversation

Six programmes in which historian and thinker Theodore Zeldin looks at the past, present and future of conversations.


0101Change The Subject19980223"A look at good and bad conversations of the past.

And the search for a new conversation which could change the world."

0102The Conversation Of Love19980302Is it time we designed a new kind of love talk to suit our modern lives?
0103The Family19980309
0104Talking And Working19980316Have we become feeble conversationalists as a result of centuries of specialisation at work? Can the gap between different jobs be bridged by a new way of talking?
0105Talk And Technology19980323Do the gadgets we surround ourselves with help or hinder the way we communicate with one another? A look at the complex relationship of man, machine and conversation.
0106 LASTA Meeting Of Minds.19980330In the last of six programmes about the past, present, and future of conversation, historian and thinker Theodore Zeldin asks how conversation can be used to bridge the gap between civilisations.