Intrigue: Murder In The Lucky Holiday Hotel


06Omnibus20170616A story of death, sex and power in China, told by Carrie Gracie.

This is a story of death, sex and power in China. Five years ago, China's most charismatic politician, Bo Xilai, was toppled. His disgrace allowed his great rival, Xi Jinping, to dominate the political stage in a way unseen in China since the days of Chairman Mao. A single murder played a key role in all of this.

The BBC's China Editor Carrie Gracie investigates a story that has become a political taboo. She was warned off making this programme and her phones were tapped, her emails hacked and many of her sources went to ground. She drew upon decades' worth of experience and contacts in China to paint a vivid picture of the sometimes lurid life inside a top Communist family - and how its downfall has created the China we have today.

Producers: Neal Razzell & Maria Byrne.