The Bridge20201110In a brief September window, Misha Glenny and Miles Warde flew into Copenhagen to begin work on a new Invention of... series. The plan - find out why Denmark, Sweden and Norway had responded to the pandemic in such different ways. Denmark was one of the first countries in Europe to lock down. Sweden famously took another route.

This is the ninth Invention series, and the aim is to understand what these three countries are - their people, the borders, the stories they tell themselves. Can history explain what is happening now?

With contributions from the novelists Dorthe Nors, Linn Ullman, and Carsten Jensen; historians Erika Sandstrom, Ulf Zander and Gunnar Wetterberg; tour guide and journalist Anna Toon; and author Michael Booth, author of The Almost Nearly Perfect People - Behind the Myth of the Scandinavian Utopia.

Presenter Misha Glenny is an award winning reporter and author of McMafia

The producer for BBC Audio in Bristol is Miles Warde

Misha Glenny picks up his series on what countries are in Scandinavia

Misha Glenny presents histories of nations.