Invitation To The Waltz [Rosamond Lehmann]


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Olivia wakes up on her 17th birthday knowing that something’s changed - but what exactly she doesn't yet understand.

Her very first dance, a week later, is her opportunity to try her wings in the wider world.

Rosamond Lehmann's tender classic about a young girl's adolescent rite of passage dramatised by Tina Pepler.

Olivia Curtis.... Mary Nighy
Kate Curtis.... Rosie Giarratana
Mrs Curtis.... Diana Quick
Mr Curtis....Andrew Collins
Uncle Oswald... David Lloyd
Monsieur Berton.... Mark Meadows
Miss Robinson.... Carol Brannan
Major Skinner....Mark Buffery
Marigold... Nicole Arumugam

With Josh Boyden, Sophie Clarke, Jenny Coverack, Tom Espiner, Chris Garner, Ben Tinniswood, Chris Yapp and Oliver Zimmermann

(Olivia's story continues in 'The Weather in the Streets')

Director: Sara Davies

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in May 2001.

Waking on her 17th birthday, Olivia senses her rite of passage has begun.