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1: A Matter of Grave Importance by MICHAEL JUDGE

When you want to get rid of something unpleasant, why not bury it? After all, burning makes such a horrible smell.

Produced by ROGER PINE

First of three morning plays from Northern Ireland


Produced By: Roger Pine

Tom Daly: Louis Rolston

Ossie Nolan: Wolsey Gracey

Sergeant Flynn: J J Murphy

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2: Speaking of Red Indians by STEWART PARKER

To every young temptress who captivates her man by being all woman - and to all bold bachelors who lap it up - this play is respectfully dedicated.

Produced by DAVID A. TURNER


Unknown: Stewart Parker

Produced By: David A. Turner

Victor: Bill Morrison

The girl: Olivia Nash

Marshall: Sam McCready

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3: Fisherman's Law by T. G. NESTOR

' It's a pity you don't fish a fly, Mr Moriarty. It's an indication of character. I've great time for fly fishermen.'

Produced by ROGER PINE


Unknown: T. G. Nestor

Unknown: Mr Moriarty.

Produced By: Roger Pine

Sergeant: Michael Duffy

Guard: Brian Cullen

Mrs Moriarty: Trudy Kelly

Mr Moriarty: Louis Rolston

O'Donnell: Paul Clarke

Flynn: Patrick Brannigan