Is Vinyl On The Revival ? [6 Music]



On a day when every song on 6 Music comes from vinyl, singer song writer Richard Hawley asks Is Vinyl On The Revival? Richard has carefully chosen songs from his personal vinyl collection to go alongside you hearing from artists like Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, Portishead and producer/DJ Erol Alkan all talking about vinyl in a digital age. They'll also be the opinion of the music industry as well as the labels themselves. Richard Hawley has a passion for music and he tells us what vinyl can actually bring to a song. Richard was born with music in his blood and has a long history of not only being a highly acclaimed musician in his own right but also working with some of the biggest artists around, U2, Radiohead, Nancy Sinatra, Elbow and of course fellow Sheffield stars and close friends Pulp.

Multi-faceted musician Richard Hawley asks - is vinyl on the revival?