Island Rock - 40 Years Of Jamaican Musical Independence

Brinsley Forde presents an eight-part series providing an authoritative overview of Jamaican music.


011962 And All That: The Music Of Independence *2002061220080823 (6M)
02Play Dat Riddim Mr Producer Man * *2002061920080824 (6M)
20090904 (6M)
03Up Town Top Rankin *2002062620080826 (6M)
04Chant Down Babylon... The Influence Of Rasta *2002070320080827 (6M)

A focus on the impact Rastafarianism has had on Jamaican music.

05Nah Trust The Policeman Man *2002071020080828 (6M)

This edition examines the murky mix of Jamaican politics and music.

06Gal Yuh Good... The Women Of Reggae *2002071720080829
20080829 (6M)

The role of women in the development of a male-dominated industry.

07Lively In The Dancehall... Deejay Culture In The Dancehall20020724

Tracing the history of dancehall.

08 LASTSoon Come... The Next 40 Years20020731

A look ahead to the future of Jamaican music.