Isy Suttie's Guide To The Family


20151205 (BBC7)
20170513 (BBC7)

Isy Suttie ambles through the radio archives to celebrate family life.

Isy Suttie returns to Derbyshire, the home of her teenage years as she ambles through the radio archives to celebrate family life and growing up. On her travels we hear contributions from her close friends along with some classic BBC comedy.

* "The Shoe Box of Memories"

A new programme where comedian and actress Isy Suttie searches through a shoe box of special items recalling her adventures in Matlock, Derbyshire as a child and teenager, evoking bitter sweet memories of her journey to adulthood. She is joined by her family of friends Holly and Caroline to reminisce.

* "Sarah Millican's Support Group"

Comedy by Sarah Millican, who plays Sarah, life counsellor and modern-day agony aunt. In this episode she helps solve various family issues.

* "After Henry"

Mr Right: A classic episode from the popular 1980's sitcom about three generations of women in one family, starring Prunella Scales.

* "Old Dog and Partridge"

Nineties comedy about a landlord who runs a pub with his, until recently, estranged daughter. In this episode old chum Ralph arrives with his trophy wife.

* "Not in Front of the Children"

Family sitcom starring Wendy Craig. In this episode titled Echo From the Past, Jen gets jealous when she sees Henry talking to a new girlfriend.