An Italian Straw Hat


Genome: [r4 Bd=19691124]A farce by EUGENE LABICHE and MARC MICHEL with An Italian Straw Hat is one of the best known of all French farces. The plot is far too complex to be briefly explained; but, as usual, the unexpected can be expected, chaos and confusion reign, and disaster appears imminent up to the very last moment.

Cast in order of speaking

Adapted for radio and produced by GLYN DEARMAN (John Moffatt is a National Theatre player)

Genome: [r4 Bd=19691124] Unknown: Eugene Labiche

Unknown: Marc Michel

Unknown: Straw Hat

Produced By: Glyn Dearman

Produced By: John Moffatt

Fadinard: John Moffatt

Nonancourt: Aubrey Woods

Hélène: And Rosalind Shanks

Virginie, chambermaid to Beauperthuis: Frances Jeater

Felix, valet to Fadinard: John Rye

Vezinet, Fadinard's deaf uncle: Wilfrid Carter

Fadinard, a landowner: John Moffatt

Anais, Beauperthuis's wife: Patricia Gallimore

Emile Tavernier, an officer: Sean Barrett

Nonancourt, a horticulturist: Aubrey Woods

Heiene, Nonancourt's daughter: Rosalind Shanks

Bobin, Nonancourt's nephew: Ian Thompson

Clara, a mllliner: Madi Hedd

Tardiveau, Clara's bookkeeper: Frederick Treves

Baroness de Champigny: Cudrun Ure

Achille de Rosalba: David Spenser

Beauperthuis: Alan Dudley

Corporal: Geoffrey Collins